BO2 Nasal Spray (30ml)

BO2 Nasal Spray (30ml)

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Energize your day and keep sinus issues at bay with BO2 Nasal Spray. This multi-purpose nasal solution is an effective combatant against lingering fungal infections, one of the most common contributors to long-term sinus problems.

Whether you’re dealing with Candida or looking for a revitalizing start to your day, our BO2 Nasal Spray is the perfect companion. It also doubles as a fantastic wound healing aid, adding to its versatility.

Power-packed Ingredients:

  • 0.065% (650ppm) Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

Why Choose BO2 Day Time Nasal Spray?

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2): A healing agent in low concentrations, our formulation includes a safe 0.03% solution that aids in wound recovery.


Elevate your health and wellness routine with BO2 Nasal Spray. Refresh, recover, and rejuvenate. Available now in the Bound Oxygen Online Shop.

Bleeding Nose/Wounds in Nose

For the issue of a bleeding nose, the ingredients in the BO2 Nasal Spray can contribute in the following ways:

Hydrogen Peroxide: It’s used as a mild antiseptic to prevent infection of minor cuts, scrapes, and burns. It may help to disinfect the area of the bleeding nose.

Please note, these properties can potentially aid the recovery process after a nosebleed but they are not a replacement for professional medical advice.

Flu and Colds

In terms of combating the flu and colds, the ingredients in BO2 Nasal Spray may contribute in the following ways:

Hydrogen Peroxide: Though it’s generally used externally for disinfecting wounds, there’s some anecdotal evidence suggesting that very low concentrations may help in decongesting the nasal passages when used as a nasal spray.

It’s important to remember that while these properties could potentially aid in the alleviation of symptoms and recovery from a cold or the flu, they are not a replacement for professional medical advice.


The BO2 Nasal Spray is a complementary health product that many people have reported to be beneficial during bouts of illness, including symptoms related to COVID-19. This nasal spray is formulated with ingredients known to support general health and wellbeing, and while it’s not a cure or a guaranteed prevention for COVID-19, the components can provide a supportive role in maintaining overall health, especially in the areas of respiratory and nasal health. Let’s see how these ingredients may contribute:

Hydrogen Peroxide: It’s a widely recognized compound with disinfectant properties, promoting a clean nasal environment.

Though these ingredients offer supportive properties, it’s crucial to note that the best protection against COVID-19 good hygiene practices, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Always consult with a healthcare professional for advice related to COVID-19. The BO2 Nasal Spray should be seen as part of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, rather than a standalone solution to a serious illness like COVID-19.

Hay Fever

Hay fever, also known as allergic rhinitis, is an allergic reaction causing symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, and eye irritation. Here’s how the ingredients in BO2 Nasal Spray may be beneficial:

Hydrogen Peroxide: This ingredient, in a low concentration, can help cleanse the nasal passages, potentially reducing the presence of allergens that trigger hay fever symptoms.

Remember, BO2 Nasal Spray can be a supportive addition to your wellness routine during hay fever season. It’s a blend of natural ingredients designed to promote overall nasal health and comfort.


Inflammation is a natural response by your body to protect itself from harm. However, chronic inflammation can be harmful and lead to numerous health issues. The ingredients in the BO2 Nasal Spray can be beneficial in managing inflammation, particularly in the nasal passages:

Hydrogen Peroxide: This compound is included at a low concentration and may aid in maintaining cleanliness in the nasal passages, reducing the chance of inflammation due to infection.

    It’s important to note that while these ingredients may assist in maintaining moisture in the nasal passages, they are not a replacement for staying properly hydrated and maintaining good overall health. Always consult a healthcare professional if you have concerns about dry nasal passages.